About Premier Assets

Premier Assets LLC is the undisputed industry leader in plastics industry auctions by delivering a comprehensive offering of services using only the most knowledgeable professionals and the latest technologies.

Attend one of our Live Auctions in person or place bids using your PC by taking advantage of our Webcast feature. If you can’t make it to the event, Premier Assets LLC brings the event to you.

Unlike typical auction companies that often are part of larger operations that cover `multiple industries, Premier Assets LLC specializes in the deposition of the industrial and commercial equipment. Led by the top auctioneers in the profession, Premier Assets LLC features an experienced staff that brings a wealth of industry knowledge, insight and attention to detail to the event.

From on-site preparation to pre-event publicity to crossing all the T’s and dotting all the Is, Premier Assets LLC manages the process from concept to completion as no one else can.

Why Premier?

Premier Assets LLC is a recognized global leader of equipment auctions and appraisals in the disposition of surplus industrial / commercial machinery. Our certified and experienced auctioneers and appraisers work solely with equipment, manufacturing plants, warehouses and real estate on a diverse array of industries.

Fast Facts About Premier Assets

Premier Assets LLC is a global leader in asset conversion and provides auction, real estate, and appraisal services to a comprehensive array of markets. Services feature on-site auctions, live webcast auctions in real time, and online auctions. Premier Assets LLC sells individual or aggregated assets across the globe, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Whether selling an individual asset, inquiring as to the value of business assets, or liquidating an entire operation, Premier Assets LLC prides itself on matching buyers and sellers to maximize value. Today, Premier Assets LLC is recognized as one of the world’s leaders in the auction industry.
Real Estate Services:
Premier Assets LLC also delivers a range of real estate services and will act as a principal to purchase, auction, or list real estate in conjunction with committed partners. Premier Assets provides property appraisals/valuations, but most importantly, streamlines the disposition process for clients.
Premier Assets provides an innovative way to participate in auctions if unable to attend in person. Our webcast auctions are traditional on-site auction events, except that bidders from around the world may participate by competitively bidding in real time with bidders on the factory floor. All that is necessary is a computer, Internet connection, and telephone. Assets can be viewed online prior to the auction, and the bidder will be guided through them one-at-a-time by the auctioneer on the factory floor.
The website serves as an extension of the business and increases the visibility of assets. Visitors search auction inventory, learn about upcoming auctions, participate in live webcast auctions in real time, register for auction alerts via email, and review media coverage.
Who We Serve:
Premier Assets LLC clients represent a myriad of industries: aerospace and defense, chemical, commercial and industrial manufacturing, computers and peripherals, consumer goods, electronic equipment and components, fabrication and machining, printing and publishing, rubber and plastics, technology, telecommunications, and transportation; the legal and financial communities of accountants, attorneys, trustees, financial institutions, and secured lenders; and the corporate community.
Competitive Advantage:
Premier Assets will purchase your assets for cash, provide a guarantee or commission sale.
For more company information about Premier Assets, please contact us at info@premierassetsllc.com