Why Premier Assets?

Premier Assets stands alone as the undisputed leader in the auction industry by providing a comprehensive roster of services using only the most knowledgeable professionals and the latest technologies. A industry resource with an infinite network of industry contacts and unparalleled industry expertise, Premier Assets takes the auction process from concept to completion, ensuring that our clients receive the maximum exposure and visibility, and garner the best-possible return on their investment.


If you are diagnosed with a serious illness, your personal physician more than likely will refer you to a specialist – another doctor that is an expert in one specific discipline and much more likely to provide you with a favorable outcome. Quite frankly, there’s something to be said for entrusting your well-being to someone that is an authority in one particular area.
The business world is no different. Why take a chance on a business partner with only a surface-level understanding of your industry?
Unlike typical auction companies that dabble in commercial, estates, cars etc, Premier Assets specializes only in the commercial / industrial industry. By exclusively focusing on just one industry, we bring an incomparable level of market intelligence, networking and in-depth knowledge to the table.
With us, there’s no guesswork and nothing left to chance. We know the business inside and out and will do whatever it takes to deliver the favorable outcome you deserve.


Premier Assets — which is a partner company of Premier Equipment — offers a comprehensive roster of services through five lines of business:
• Machine Sales
• Auctions
• Liquidations
• Appraisals
• Business Services (mergers & acquisition consulting)


Decades of building relationships worldwide, gives us unparalleled insight into the business market and the value of assets and potential acquisition targets.
We use this market intelligence to keep ourselves updated so that when the time comes, we can connect the right buyers and sellers.
At the forefront of this effort is the Premier Assets staff — a team of seasoned professionals with a wealth of knowledge, experience and credibility.
With its finger on the pulse of the industry and a keen focus on customer service, the Premier Assets Auction staff delivers the kind of results that have made it one of the most trusted names in the industry. Employing a big-picture approach to relationships, Premier Assets examines the entire situation and devises customized and creative solutions that not only fulfill your immediate need but strongly position you for future opportunities.


Throughout the industry, Premier Assets is recognized as a reliable and innovative business partner with a reputation for delivering results.
And it’s this legacy of success that keeps customers coming back.


Each and every person at Premier Assets is focused on one thing and one thing only – your success.
All our energies, capabilities, resources and efforts converge to deliver the best possible auction results to you and your company.
Why do we do this?
It’s simple. Premier Assets success is predicated upon your success.
When an auction produces the optimum results for a customer, Premier Assets benefits in a number of ways that fall outside the bottom line. Our reputation and industry standing are enhanced; business opportunities arise from word-of-mouth advertising by both sellers and buyers; the heightened visibility we receive helps us to promote some of our other capabilities; and with our commitment to continuous improvement, we better our performance with each subsequent event.
So when considering a partner for your auction, liquidation and appraisal needs, it makes sense to go with the one that has such a high personal stake in your success – Premier Assets.