Premier Assets LLC certified appraisers provide accurate machinery, equipment and inventory valuations. We have knowledge and a thorough understanding of the market place when the valuations are assigned. We are called upon by banks, finance companies, accounting firms, tax and estate planning professionals, turnaround firms, consultants and corporations around the globe to provide the most accurate appraisals

Appraisal Reports

Our appraisal reports are among the most trusted and respected in the industry. Premier Assets LLC staff includes CAGA Certified Appraiser (Certified Appraisal Guild of America) who are involved in valuation assignment. Our appraisals are developed from knowledgeable staff that have worked in various industries. They provide data including an extensive proprietary database of historical sales, first-hand knowledge of the market, and relationships with OEM’s and brokers of equipment. As a result, you will have the most reliable appraisal that is widely accepted by lending institutions, accounting firms, tax and estate planning professionals, turnaround firms, consultants and corporations around the globe.
Commonly used value definitions are:

• Replacement Cost – New or Used
• Fair Market Value – In-Place or Removed
• Orderly Liquidation Value
• Forced Liquidation (Auction) Value

Valuation Reports

Valuation reports are typically detailed appraisals where Premier Assets professionals will conduct site visits to physically inspect and describe the assets or desktop appraisals where descriptive information is provided by the client with no inspection by Premier Assets. We will collaborate with you to determine which report is best suited for your needs.
Fees for valuations are quoted based on the scope of each assignment. Factors include the quantity and type of property, as well as how many Premier Assets professionals are required. We pride ourselves by offering competitive fees within the industry while being dedicated to timely and accurate reporting.
The objective of a machinery appraisal is to define accurate value. A pre-appraisal of assets is essential to an auction or liquidation’s success and/ or lender’s security interest. Premier Assets certified appraisers follow exacting standards to a science as well as hands-on knowledge of the immediate marketplace to provide you with values you can rely upon. From east to west, our appraisers cover all the numbers you need to know about what your machinery or other heavy equipment is worth.