Auctions Promotion

Premier Assets LLC employs an aggressive and proactive marketing campaign on our clients’ behalf that includes the following strategies and tactics:


Premier Assets LLC employs a highly targeted, effective and proven advertising strategy that focuses on both the trades and mainstream press. We advertise in the most widely recognized weekly and monthly industry publications . In addition to promotional forays on the trade publication side, we also target all local and statewide newspapers as well. This approach ensures that we cast a wide net and reach everyone from Fortune 500 executives to the local companies next door.


Six weeks before your scheduled auction, Premier Assets will advertise in the most pertinent national trade publications and local newspapers. The promotion in the national papers is comprised of detailing the auction basics and briefly describing some of the machinery that will be on hand. Meanwhile, major newspapers in the geographical area will carry a similar ad publicizing your auction.


The national trade magazines reach executives, buyers and plant managers from all over the country, and in many cases, the world. But not all attendees drawn by trade advertising are interested in just your larger assets. Many of them come to Premier Assets events for the forklifts, tools, skids of ancillary equipment and other small items.


Premier Assets further promotes and publicizes your auction through a proactive and comprehensive public relations/media relations program. This includes press release creation and distribution on Business Wire (an international media relations and press release distribution wire service), direct contact with trade press and local mainstream media outlets to generate additional coverage and exposure, and media coaching and consulting. Premier Assets not only helps you get your story to the right media channels, but also is available to help you control your message once it’s out and leverage the media to your advantage.


Premier Assets state-of-the-art technology allows us to send a high-quality, full-color detailed auction catalog to all clients’ email addresses. Think about it? Your auction assets are just a mouse click away from the computer screens of over 200,000 presidents, CEOs, buyers and general managers.


Prior to every auction, Premier Assets launches an intensive and highly organized direct mail campaign in which we send full-color brochure to companies in the industry. The brochures feature photos and detailed descriptions of all the machinery and ancillary equipment for sale. And if your facility is for sale, Premier Assets will promote it in the brochure, complete with the real estate broker’s contact information.


The Premier Assets Web site— — creates even more exposure for your equipment and wares. Our Web site produces 190,000 hits monthly from visitors in over 20 countries. When potential buyers visit they can view and download the auction catalog, giving them time to review all the assets, match them with company needs, devise a strategy and prepare the appropriate funding.


Our global team of sales representatives stays in perpetual contact with our clients every six to 10 weeks. On a daily basis, our team of equipment professionals taps into our infinite network of industry contacts, marketing your auction by:
• Calling customers
• Promoting your machinery
• Determining whether or not a client will be attending
• Noting the items in which they have an interest
• Detailing the amount they are looking to spend